Power and Strength and Effort (2022 – mp3)

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Power and Strength = effort…NO!
Sorry, but it’s actually not the case
One of the biggest confusions I witness in people is between power, strength and effort.
When you feel effort, you think you are being strong and powerful. Most often, it is the opposite. While effort has its place, it’s usually an indication of overworking or working inefficiently.
So how do you learn to distinguish between them?
The Feldenkrais Method® is all about making distinctions. About being more efficient and sensing yourself more accurately. It’s about the transmission of force through your skeleton, which translates into less effort and more power.
In this workshop you will learn how to feel stronger and more powerful without working harder. You will discover that many of the things you do can be a lot easier than you thought.
Power and strength…most of us would like more of it.
Effort…most of us would like less.
Come and find out how!